Dearest Pal,

Strange times call for fancy shoes. Red shoes. These were to be THE SPEED of MERCY book tour shoes but alas, my red and pink shoes will not be travelling due to the ongoing pandemic.

Red shoes

THE SPEED of MERCY, publishes March 23, 2021. A kind friend has suggested (strongly, ha ha, ‘get the word out starting NoW!’) I get ready to celebrate and let people know my sparkling new book is coming, whether I can leave the house with those red shoes on or just lurch around the house in them.

Antidote for Heartache

Gulp. Things are tense on the home front with my mother ill but sliding into despair right now won’t help me, or my family, or my book. So, I’m embracing (trying) all the years of effort and heart poured into this novel, & getting ready to countdown to March 23. Celebrating a new book is an antidote for heartache, for weltschmertz.

End of Day

Today looms now into evening. It was an odd day, a day brightened when the doorbell rang. I normally ignore the doorbell now, as it’s usually a courier dropping something off and when I scurry to the door, they are long gone, with contact free deliveries. But I could see a wool toque outside the window though, so I did scurry. And opened the door. There was Sarah from A Beautiful Wild, the local florist, with a gorgeous bouquet, for me, from her. I got a bit teary. What kindness.

The Speed of Mercy shoes. Bouquet from a friend, Orangie-Orange.

The Beautiful Wild Within

I love the name of Sarah’s business, a beautiful wild. She grows her own flowers, harvests wildflowers, and uses some imported flowers, to create spectacular creations. Normally I get flowers from her to give to my mother.

Let’s tap into the beautiful wild inside of us, underneath the exhaustion and uncertainty. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been summoning fortitude to help ride the waves of uncertainty. Fortitude can get heavy, ha ha, and sometimes feels like it’s pulling me under, so wearying. The beautiful wild, outside, and within, is a lighter place where, as Alexander Pope said, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast.”

With big sparkly love,

Christy Ann

Hand drawn rose by Christy Ann Conlin
A flower I drew for you.